Things To Consider Before Purchasing a Camcorder

There are two main types of camcorders. They are digital and analogue. Each of those types has its own options. Some options are common for both and the others are peculiar to one kind. You have to know a lot about options to choose that very camcorder that will suit you.

LCD Viewer

This option is affordable in any type of camcorder. It is the small LCD screen that can be flipped out. It will give you the opportunity to watch the video you have just made and if it was not interesting or spoiled you can remake it just now and not to wait till you come home and watch this video on your computer.

Besides the LCD screen helps to catch the object you need and to focus on them. The only disadvantage of the screen is that its work needs the battery energy and you will get the camera discharged much faster. Usually its size is about 3 inches.



Not every camcorder has a stabilizer but this option is really necessary. When you take the video, your hand can tremble. It can be tired from holding the camera or simply a hand of any person trembles a little. If the camera has no stabilizer inside all those shakings will spoil the picture. Of course camcorder will be cheaper without stabilizer but if you have enough money, it is better to get the model with this option.

Camcorder Switch

This option helps to balance the colors of the picture and to get focused on it. In simpler words this option will make your image natural and bright.

Different Kinds of Zoom

There are two kinds of zoom – digital and optional. In fact zoom is that option that you can regulate with your fingers. You can make the picture less or more visible with the help of this option. Optical zoom changes the size of the picture from 10 to 50 times. Digital zoom changes the size larger but at the same time it makes the picture of the lower quality.


This option is in every camcorder but sometimes it can be regulated by you. It helps to create sharp and alive image. If the light is low, autofocus helps to produce visible picture. If this option works not well you will get diffused image.

3D picture

This type of picture can be produced by some kinds of camcorders. Its main idea is the following. There are two pictures created – one is watched from the left side and the other is the picture of the same object that is watched from the right side. Then those pictures are combined in one that is imagined and you can watch it on 3D screen or with the help of special glasses. Not every camcorder can produce 3D pictures but if you fond of that option, try to find the camcorder that has it.


Not every model of camcorders has this option. Most companies omit it to make the device cheaper and lighter. But at the same time still there are very expensive models that have this option. It helps to watch the video without the LCD screen. But it makes battery discharged faster.

So now you have studied different options that camcorders can have. As you have understood, the more options camcorder has, the more expensive it will be. If you need a reasonable combination between the money you will pay and the quality you will get, try to find in the list those options that are important for you. If you like to take videos at night, get the camera with a great autofocus.

If you need the picture of the best quality, choose the model with stabilizer. There are variations and you can get the best camcorder especially for your case.

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